"The pure & vibrational truth of life exists in every moment "

A Brief Background

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, I grew up with a great interest and joy around art and music, however I didn't pursue them professionally until my early twenties.

I became a professional Yacht Skipper at the age of 18- living and working on sailing yachts around the world, doing races and deliveries-including 4 transatlantic crossings.


After being thousands of miles away from land for an extended period of time, with plenty for reflection in the "middle of nowhere", I started asking very deep questions about the nature of our reality and proceeded to dive down the irreversible black hole of my inner identity.

Having acquired some solid answers to my questions after an intensely profound spiritual pursuit, I emerged from the hole and left the yachts behind me to continue forward on my path of sharing my expansive discoveries with the world through my art and other modalities.

My art acts as an external showcase for my study of reality, with each work being themed specifically to take you on a reflective, and healing journey towards your personal spiritual expansion.

Universal Colours - The vision

My vision for the future is one where we can provide a container to bring the healing power of art to the collective population and to encourage an expansion of heart centred communities worldwide where art, self expression, learning and joy is an integral part of day to day life. 

If you share my vision, please contact me directly. 

Vibration and Art - Painting Sessions 

Learning to understand vibration at its core, beyond the perceptual mind is something that can take a lifetime. Luckily for you, I have been deeply committed to this study over the last decade so that I may bring my studies to you within the container of our 1-1 lessons.

For more information, please contact me direct or stay tuned via my social media platforms. 

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A word of Gratitude

For me, the process of creating a painting is more than just painting a picture- it is magic. 

It is the real-time expression of my existence in that moment and through working with what shows up on the canvas, I am piecing together parts of myself and quite literally "Painting" a new me into reality. 

The blessings of my painting process don't only show on the finished canvas, but they echo into all ares of my life; through the serenity in my breathe, the renewed energy and life force in my inner core, and in my certainty in life and love in motion.

The act of painting has quite literally changed my life. Attracting the most magical of people, realities and events that the frail nature of words cannot express.

Welcoming life in through the brush has literally translated into welcoming the most amazing and humbling of connections into my life. 

Here is a shoutout to you all, and to those I'm yet to meet- thank you for you, and thank you for existing alongside me.